Jennifer Widemire Smith is a writer with a long name who’s not on anyone’s best selling lists―yet. And it’s pronounced wide-mire. She can trace her writing skills to The Academy of Art University when she enrolled in Narrative Storytelling―an intriguing course that stuck. Unlike your average English 101. She got married, grew tiny humans, and began turning her family adventures into fabulous stories parked at, "The D Word, Diary of a Dyslexic” blog. Jen is also a photographer, tri-athlete, an avid lover of outdoor activities. 


A writing exercise on empathy turned into a story that her husband found, liked, and demanded to know what came next. His insistence turned into A Time To Serve. Why write a story about SEALs? Because they taught her to be “Unbreakable” and to never give up on a little idea that keeps her up at night.